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Adwords Marketing Campaign:

I have been marketing my site using Adwords for 10 days ending November 10 – so how did it go? One word – Expensive!

Paying RM0.52 cents for a web hit is too expensive – at least in Malaysia. When converted to US currency it’s roughly $0.15 per hit. If you are living in US, Europe or UK, I bet that this is darn cheap but for the price that I’m paying, I don’t think that it is worth it.

Throughout my marketing campaign, Adwords sent me 265 clicks to my site which totaled RM137.68. Look at the screenshot below:

Adwords Campaign

My 1 cent: I rather spend my money someplace else such as purchasing paid reviews from other sites rather than paying one lump sum to Google. I believe that Social Media Marketing on the other hand is much more effective as the hits are natural and it’s free.

BlogCatalog Campaign:

On the other hand, I paid $25 bucks to be listed on BlogCatalog for a month. BlogCatalog is a PR7 site with an Alexa rank of 1,400++. I was attracted to the amount of traffic going through the site but to my disappointment, none of these traffic were diverted to my site.

BlogCatalog Traffic

I was expecting BlogCatalog to give me at least 100-200 hits on my first week, but so far according to my customized web stats software – they hardly contributed more than 15 unique hits. However, I noticed when you do a search on Google using ‘Make Money Online Malaysia’, you’ll see my site listed in the top 10 list under BlogCatalog.

My 2 cents: $25 bucks without any traffic coming to my site is plain stupid (yeah I’m really stupid in this case).

Concluding using my 3 cents:

1. Never advertise on BlogCatalog – even when they say they have a monthly traffic exceeding 1 million hits per month.

2. Google Adwords is cheap when you are advertising in the US, UK or EU. Unless you have cash to burn, try using other advertising networks or try using social media sites which is free.

On my previous evil backlink post:

Edward said don’t use the evil plan too often while xBrain recommends using to check blogs with PR and ‘do follow’ tag.

Mani Karthik on the other hand thinks it’s pure evil but it does not have effect on my ‘Google juice’.

You comment, I follow! What are your thoughts?
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nice plugin
written by Edward, November 19, 2007
It's nice to use 'Do follow' plugin to get more comments & also visitors, regarding your Adwords Campaign I think it is only necessary for those who are in the make money online & technology niche, or else social networking site would be a cheaper & more effective way to get visitors
written by keeyit, November 19, 2007
indeed, expensive !
MY Idea !!
written by xBrain, November 19, 2007 really wants traffic to at least 100 per day..

I can redirect it from xBrain dot biz for the trial - 1 day only..see the result !!
Reply back in my blog for the confirmation..

Another idea
written by Nik, November 19, 2007
You have right neither methods are good enough to convince me to advertise my blog. That's because there are not immediate conversions from clicks to sells. So you waste your money without making any money.
So I propose to make a paid community where someone who advertises his blog gives a little money to the members who advertise his blog. So instead of paying google you will give some money to other bloggers. So everyone is happy. The community could keep a commission but a little one not like google.
hi! :D
written by Michael Woo, November 20, 2007
Edward: yeah very expensive lah, it's more 'profitable' if you use money to make money, my main objective was just to gain a little more exposure for my blog for starters smilies/smiley.gif

keeyit smilies/smiley.gif yea expensive!!

xbrain can ar bro?! lemme reply ur blog smilies/cheesy.gif

nik: sounds like an idea, u know anyone who wants to exchange traffic except xbrain? usually i use traffic exchange sites.. but most of the content i find on these sites are plain spam..
Nice information
written by samrat, November 21, 2007
very gud info.. i have to try it on my site smilies/smiley.gif

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