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Dr EvilI believe that if you read Maki’s article at about Social Media Marketing – you’ll know what means. I’m feeling pretty evil today. As you know, Digg and other sites like Propeller and Sphinn can contribute loads of traffic to your site – provided if you appear on the main page with lots of votes.

Here’s my master plan:

1. I’m looking for 1,000,000 people to join me in this scheme. Criteria to join:

i. You love traffic

ii. You want huge amount of traffic to your site monthly

iii. You don’t mind clicking on a simple ‘vote’ button to get loads of traffic (and to the people whom you are helping)

2. Post a reply on this article together with the link to your Digg/Sphinn/Propeller/etc and whoever visits this article, please vote for the article by clicking on the link

3. If this works out, in the future, I’ll open up a private forum where everyone can sign up and vote each other’s article - without Digg, etc even knowing what's happening!

Start posting your links here!
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Spread the Message!
written by Michael Woo, November 05, 2007
Remember to spread the message! smilies/smiley.gif Thanks!
written by Andy Beard, November 05, 2007
There are various groups on Blogcatalog set up to do similar things, but really they are of very little interest to me. It really doesn't work very well long term, and short term a single person at the top of a list gets most of the benefit.

There is also a problem with niche - I only Stumble certain types of articles, and only review very specific articles that my friends on StumbleUpon will enjoy, who share my taste in content.
This type of community project is based upon quantity not quality.

Also don't forget Stumbleupon, Digg and Propeller have their own methods of promoting the very best content to your friends.
written by Anna, November 05, 2007
I agree with Andy. Maybe this will increase traffic for a while (at least for the person at the top), but it will not last for long.

There are countless threads that offer these kind of exchanges on DigitalPoint and other webmaster forums. I have tried joining in a few of them, but I didn't get the traffic I expected.

I think when submitting your story to a social bookmarking site, the most important thing is the quality of the article. If an article is really good and interesting, it will probably get on the front page of Digg, etc. by itself. The same way with StumbleUpon. I personally don't like stumbling into ugly and uninteresting sites just because a lot of people voted for them in such exchanges.

Let the social media be what it was intended to be, not just another way for people to spam.
written by Dan, November 05, 2007
Dropping by.. hmm.. your plans sound interesting! I think it would be fair if people were to given the equal chance. Maybe you can start a forum and assign voting tasks daily or something like that.. makes it more organized.

I'm definitely in.. where do i sign up? smilies/smiley.gif XxXxX
I like your site...
written by Paula, November 05, 2007
...your site is so nice and clean with a sharp look.

But yeah, I'm kinda done with Digg ever since they blacklisted me and auto-bury me.

I think that the plan that John Chow came up with when he bought a dot com and posted a pic only on it that linked back to his site was brilliant!

He got so many hits from the same place that put him on Digg's autobury list.

Happy Monday,
written by Luc, November 06, 2007
I think that it's a great idea. But you'll need some kind of mechanism to keep it fair for everyone. I've seen in many forum that people are doing this - they are already manipulating the system! smilies/sad.gif so why not we do the same?
Hi everyone!
written by Michael Woo, November 06, 2007
Hiye there guys, thanks for your comments.. it's nice to know what are on your thoughts. Anyway, I did a minor research on digital point forum and found out that there are indeed people paying $1 for a vote on Digg! That's pretty unbelievable.. I think you'll need to have at least $200 bucks to buy 200 votes to appear on the main page.. and they are also category specific meaning that you can't dump any sort of news in their site..

Anyway, I agree that with all of you that quality content is important smilies/smiley.gif Thats an article that definitely deserve a vote..

But I'm wondering on whether would this evil plan would work if an appropriate mechanism would be in place meaning that

1. Everyone will get a fair share of votes, eg, like if there are 100 people, 6 people would get one of their article voted a day - which would contribute 2 huge spike in their Alexa a month. Your ranking would be in the top 100,000 - i'm 100% sure

2. I will put up a forum where everyone needs to log in daily and check their voting tasks assigned by me.. 6 max in a day

3. Voila! Everyone gets traffic! smilies/grin.gif
written by DanieL, November 07, 2007
although theres lots of blogs out there or blog community out there aiming to help each other. but after all itz the creator tat benifit, alot of back link (as i agree with previous commenter).

so to set up the system that people will really help each other, is actually quite hard. coz there will still b people join for purely advertise but not helping other ppl.

maybe need to enhance this idea =)

i'm in for it! u have my support anyway.


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- The Technical Website for the Not-So-Technical People!
written by Michael Woo, November 07, 2007
Thanks for your support ! smilies/smiley.gif Now I have 3 supporters, only 97 more to go.. I'll let you know when it would be functional XD

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