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Sexy Milla JovovichSomehow, I believe that there are still doubts that sex does work when it comes to attracting traffic. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not the pioneer of this nor do I have huge success over the matter.

I have decided to increase my crummy unique hits over my website from 80/90-ish uniques per day to possibly 1,000 uniques by Christmas. My tactics –

1. Change my site’s title from ‘Michael Woo Business Ideas Tech Make Money Online Malaysian News Blog’


‘Michael Woo Business News Make Money Online Malaysia Sex Blog’

I have decided to forgo the word ‘Tech’ because it has no significance when it comes to search engine traffic. I’m targeting ‘Malaysia Sex Blog’ traffic and hopefully Google will list my site as number 1 – there is no direct hit on the number 1 spot yet by other blogs.

2.Delete from my current MyBlogLog account and create a new account with a nice sexy picture. If you don’t believe that I have got 3,000 page views, take a look at the screenshot below (I got more than 3,900 page views)

MyBlogLog PageView

3. Disguise myself as a sexy vixen in forums, social media sites, etc…

Here are my thoughts on some pressing issues:

1. On credibility – Adam said that it might affect my credibility in the long run which I totally agree. But if this works and I get enormous traffic, I think that would be a higher priority

2. On blog ethics – There would be no ‘pornographic’ pictures on my blog, just sexy ones and comments are most welcome.

3. On creating a sustainable relationship with other blogs – I bet that this would be a hot topic to discuss as it’s general and it’s also basic knowledge.

Last but not least, I might fail miserably and here are some things that are at stake:

1. Credibility
2. Traffic
3. Reader’s loyalty
4. Friends or Foes
5. Heavy criticism

The bet is high and here are some comments on my previous post:

xBrain and Edward got huge success when they used a sexy picture as their MyBlogLog avatar.

Wayne Liew sees this as a huge gold mine while Adam thinks that it will hurt your credibility in the long run.

Preblogging on the other hand would like to ‘spice up’ her MyBlogLog profile.

What do you think?
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written by Steve, November 10, 2007
Best of luck with your traffic generation - it appears to be working!!
written by xBrain, November 10, 2007
Nice post - Enjoy reading your post every day - new experiment.

Actually I did it. Check the melayu bogel keyword in google.

You can see my blog in the top 10 list.

Cheers !!
Clever but...
written by Zul, November 11, 2007
Hi Micheal, it is a daring approach but comes with risk... yes, I would be worry about the eventual consequence on the long term credibility.

But who knows, your success will inspire others... Let's wait and see...
don't do it
written by ms danielle, November 11, 2007
this was a hot topic months ago.
1. you will more likely lose credibility unless you have a super strong following
2. most guys get pissed if they click on a girl's picture and it's not really a girl
3. i don't click on "sexy" pictures bc i know they're spam. do you want to be associated with spammers?

just my two cents smilies/smiley.gif
of course...
written by ms danielle, November 11, 2007
if you're going to do it, i recommend not using a picture of mila jovovich
it's your choice
written by Jean, November 11, 2007
it seems like you hv all the research up and you know the consequences of doing it. So, it's really your choice. Which is more important to you? But like you said, i guessed higher traffic is more important than your credibility.

Anyway, i tagged you on random 8 meme. I am not sure you're gonna do this anot. but as a friend, i am tagging you! smilies/smiley.gif

Good luck on your experiment! smilies/smiley.gif
no harm in trying
written by Lex, November 12, 2007
this is actually the same case as that of the current drive for filipino SEO's are working on right now. Let's just wait til we see the results
Thanks for Comments :)
written by Michael Woo, November 12, 2007
Steve, xBrain, Zul, Lex: Thanks smilies/smiley.gif I got loads of plans and for the first day in mybloglog, i got 50 page views.. and 10 admirers smilies/cheesy.gif

Today I got 100 page views XD

Ms Danielle: Thanks for your concerns smilies/smiley.gif Appreciate it, btw, I think you are quite pretty smilies/cheesy.gif

Jean, Thanks for tagging, lemme type it out and post it asap smilies/grin.gif
I Got You Michael !!
written by xBrain, November 12, 2007
OMG !! I click on the sexy b*tch avatar on mybloglog - Brought me to the mybloglog page - SEXY VIXEN GODDES - Click the site and Gotcha !!

I have been trapped by your game !!
written by Samm, November 14, 2007
Yes, i also wanna turn evil, lol. The sex word still rulez, but to hit the jackpot.... u want meh. Thanks for dropping by my blog yesterday. Will be visiting your blog as i like the contents.

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