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Apart from being busy designing the new home, I have completed more reviews on SponsoredReviews compared to PayPerPost, Smorty and ReviewMe combined all together. I believe many felt a huge pinch from Google – after their move to penalize sites selling Text Link Ads and PayPerPost. SponsoredReviews served as a great alternative as everyone gets a fair chance in bidding for paid jobs.

You can sign up for SponsoredReviews here.

Here are some tips on how to get your bids accepted by advertisers:

Sponsored Reviews Payment1. PR3/4 and above would get better offers – if you bid in the region of $15-$40. I get bids easily accepted even when I bid $30 for the paid post on my PR4 blog.

2. If your blog has PR0 – don’t worry! You still can bid $5-$10 per assignment and you still have high chances of approval (You split 65-35 with SponsoredReviews)

3. Some advertisers are pretty particular and would visit your blog to see what it is all about – Tips: – write a post similar to your advertiser’s blog category needs, so when they visit, they’ll be happy to see what you have to offer

4. Write an appropriate title and description for your blog – if it focuses on IT, write something like ‘Games Review, IT Gadget Reviews, PC Technology, etc…’ Advertisers look at your blog’s title to see whether it suits their needs. For example, if they want an IT blog but your blog title states ‘Hoola hoop girls’ – it would be shot down instantly

5. Set a competitive public price – I have advertisers who purchase reviews straight off my blog through SponsoredReviews. If you have a blog with PR3/4 and you set your public price in the region of $20-$30, high chances the advertiser would purchase a review from you

6. If you look closely at the list of advertisers, some are repeat advertisers – If you write good reviews for them, they would gladly accept your future bids. Tips: – Try putting some screenshots and pictures

7. Recently there is an advertiser who keeps flooding the marketplace with requests for gambling sites. If I’m not mistaken, there are more than 30-40 requests – so if you have a site which reviews gambling site, now is the chance for you to make lots of money! The opportunity pays $10-$20 for a 200 words article

8. Earn from Referrals:

Last but not least, I find it easier to earn referral fees from SponsoredReviews compared to PayPerPost and Text Link Ads. Last month, I have over 10 signups for SponsoredReviews, compared to 1 for Text Link Ads and 3 for PayPerPost.

Earning referral fees is quite lucrative:

You earn $5 per blogger and up to $175 per advertiser.

If this sounds interesting - sign up for SponsoredReviews using this link!

Hope that you make good money from blogging so that you will have a splendid Christmas! Cheers!
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written by keeyit, December 06, 2007
Sponsored review is a good place. I did some review too..
written by Michael Woo, December 07, 2007
Yeah I also earn loads from the site smilies/grin.gif
written by John Cow, January 12, 2008
Did anyone actually make money from the referral scheme yet?
John Cow
written by Michael Woo, January 15, 2008
I've made $75 bucks from their referral scheme already smilies/cheesy.gif

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