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It seems Google is run by incompetent fools – at least in the web spam department (or are they?). Their recent PR update is outrages! Although their aim is to reduce web spam – I believe they have a different agenda when they pushed the ‘update PR’ button on their PC.

Google AssWhat difference could they possibly make apart from reducing global PR stats?

Advertisers would still have cash to burn, to buy links from sites and to exploit SEO further using many other ‘unethical’ ways deemed by Google in order to get their search engine ranking up.

Publishers would still seek ways/methods to monetize their sites and there would be a never ending supply of new websites which would be added into the pool of sites participating in link sales and paid posts.

Google can penalize these sites one-by-one or rather manually but how far can they go? Google commented that their recent update uses some form of manual assessment on whether the site ‘deserves’ to be demoted in terms of their PR.

But I find it laughable that they don’t even dare to ‘touch’ a few high profile sites which still trade links or rather sponsored posts, one way or another. Do they fear these ‘high profile’ sites, which someday might repel and launch a massive anti-Google campaign and indirectly cause Google’s stocks on NASDAQ to come crashing down? (That’s what happened on E*Trade)

You can interpret paid posts and sponsored links two ways – Your way or Google’s way.

Sponsored posts/paid links (interpreted my way) – advertisers just want some buzz from you and pay you money so that their business can gain exposure from the paid post that you wrote or simply to divert some of your traffic back to their website through the paid link.

Sponsored posts/paid links (interpreted Google’s way) – either way, it infringes their TOS as it screws up their algorithm when it comes to search engine ranking (or does it?) Either way, you are not allowed to write any paid reviews or put any sponsored links on your site or your PR would be demoted, you loose web traffic and advertisers wouldn’t want to advertise on your site anymore.

The online advertisement industry yields billions of dollars in revenue every year and the big three namely Microsoft, Yahoo and Google are seizing every opportunity to increase their market share.

Google Microsoft Yahoo Pie

The main question remained unanswered – did Google’s recent move to penalize sites that published sponsored posts and paid link have anything to do with their main agenda of securing a much larger market share in the online advertising arena?

I felt the recent PR update was pretty biased and although they say PR is dead – is it really dead? The answer lies within you! (and Google)

You Comment I Follow!

Do you think that the recent PR update was fair or controversial?
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written by Edward, November 23, 2007
There' no fair nor controversial, Google just want people to earn money in their way - Adsense.
written by Mike Perry, November 23, 2007
I don't think you 'loose web traffic' as you say if the PageRank is demoted. PR doesn't really effect the number of hits.

I think all Google are trying to do is stop people buying links to artificially increase their PageRank.

written by Michael Woo, November 23, 2007
Edward: Yes, they are trying to manipulate the advertising industry, it's too lucrative to say NO

Mike: Yeap, and they did a great job. But PR and traffic is still subject to debate, for example you can read Lilian's post here http://www.5xmom.com/index.php...d-adsense/ on how her hits fell once she got PR0 on her blog.
written by Cisco, November 27, 2007
Mike, I never pay attention to the pagerank whenever I determine the value of a website. I concentrate more on the backlinks to that website, as that's what's really important. Pagerank can easily be faked, and alexa ranking is also unreliable. smilies/smiley.gif
written by April, November 27, 2007
I can't understand why Google doesn't just get rid of the toolbar altogether. Then if we have to buy/sell links it will be based on other factors.
You Are Right
written by Michael Woo, November 28, 2007
Yeah, both of you are right. I also can't understand why won't they remove PR?

That's why it's controversial! It's useless, backlinks are more important and traffic is even better...

Unless they STILL have some use - manipulate blogs/sites/online advertising industry..
written by free iPhone, January 12, 2008
Wow, my PR went up. Yay! smilies/grin.gif
Waiting Game
written by SEO Web Design, January 16, 2008
PR is forever a waiting game. Come on, even if they penalize high profile sites like the "recent few cases", these sites will still submit an appeal and end of the day? These sites got back their rank. Follow the giant, listen to them and laugh your way to the bank.

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