A Simple Article With Simple Words: Some Online Business Thoughts
To tell you the truth, I believe that there is an infinite possibility on the things that you can do online. Every single thing that you can think of – there are ways to monetize it. In the past I wanted to establish an online e-commerce site selling my wares. Although as time passed (that was close to 10 years ago), my passion for setting up an online store has dwindled. Come to think of it, online advertisement is something rather lucrative compared to selling things online.

Corporate GirlsPast experience has thought me to do simple things rather than complicated ones. In the past I have been a

1. Macromedia Director freelancer where I completed a single project in 2 months (which was wayyyy too long by standards) and earned a meager $150 or RM500 for that entire 2 months. I had sleepless nights and I didn’t bath for a couple of days in a row. Not to mention, I didn’t even have the time to brush my teeth when I went to see my client. I considered myself being cheated for being naïve at that time.

2. Later I ventured to become a Flash freelancer – same ol same ol. Sleepless nights but the pay was better as I know how to demand more from the person who hired me. Anyway, the project was just some simple flash advertisements. (I got $350 or RM 1,200 from that project. In fact it was 2 projects where I got $350 or RM1,200 each)

3. When I graduated at the age of 24 (which was pretty old by standards), I ventured out into the corporate jungle and met managers whom I consider as gorillas then. Some are plain bullies while others are caring and supportive. Little did I know that there was a huge problem brewing in the department and waiting to explode. I narrowly escape the corporate onslaught filled with inquiries and interrogations as my contract with the company expired and I left.

Well I know some might say that I’m still young but then again I do have my fair share of experience. Personally, I think that a business should be:

SEO1. Simple – where you don’t need to do much to earn the money

2. Less hassle – where you don’t need to follow up on your clients after you have delivered the end product

3. Requires very minimal start up and maintenance – where you just need maybe a couple of dollars and turn it into thousands or probably millions and eventually the maintenance is covered by the money that you have made

4. Gives you exponential income – your income grows exponentially over time and if you are dealing in US dollars, I believe that it’s pretty lucrative judging from the exchange rate of RM3.50 per dollar

5. An international business with no boundaries

Cheers and have a great day!
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