What Happened to Technorati? Did They Just Die Silently?

TechnoratiMonths ago when I just started blogging for money, Technorati was one of the hottest topics people talked about in blogs – So what actually happened to them? Did they die silently?

When it comes to ranking – everyone wants to be in the top 10 list and that includes the Technorati rank. The higher your blog appear on the list, the more free traffic that your blog would get – it’s as simple as that. But one thing that makes Technorati different is that you’ll need blogs linking back to yours to gain ‘Authority’. The more Authority you have, the higher the ranking.

It seems someone manipulated the system by creating a widget that was able to list thousands of links on all the blogs that were participating in the program. Technorati simply penalized all the sites that were involved – end of story.

Of late, I don’t see any news appearing on blogs anymore. If you have read my previous article about ‘Bad Press Gets You Hits: Web Hits That Is’ – I guess that Technorati simply ran out of ‘Bad Press’ from the public.

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Tech Geek
written by Technopot, October 31, 2007
I still use Technorati, I get random hits from their site though...
written by Michael Woo, November 04, 2007
U must have lots of authority then smilies/smiley.gif

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