Rally by Oppositions Turned Ugly in Malaysia
Malaysian FlagI caught a glimpse of action on what happened on Saturday, 10th November 2007 at SeayKopitiam.com. The roads were clogged with cars – luckily I didn’t have any urgent matter to attend to. I believe that the owner of the site is an American who lives abroad and not a Malaysian. I think that it’s a fabulous post by Seay/Jamy but I just can’t seem to agree on some of the comments by he/she. For example,

1. NOBODY is being oppressed by ANYONE here in Malaysia. Everyone has a fair chance of voting every 5 years and every vote counts. It’s not like the Chinese or Indians are beaten everyday and their properties/cars/home are confiscated by the government or probably the government feels like doing a genocide because ‘they feel like it’ – NOTHING like that ever happened before (at least in my lifetime). In fact there are lots of wealthy Chinese and Indians and Malays living happily in Malaysia and NONE of them are being killed because they are wealthy or because of their race.

2. Malaysia will never be like America – You got that right. I don’t think that we will be anywhere near US in terms of economics, military might and quality of life. At least we have a vision to bring our nation to the next level.

3. Indonesian Chinese are being oppressed – Like I say, there are no senseless killing anywhere in the country (this is MALAYSIA, not Indonesia, it’s two different country). No genocide, no people strapping bombs on themselves and blowing everything up into bits and pieces – NOTHING

I know you love America – it’s a great country and I agree with you (I read and watched a library full of your history and WW2 all my life so don’t underestimate what I know). But so far, I’ve been living here for 26 (coming 27) years and all these years have been really peaceful. There are no war, no coup, no natural disaster – it’s really a great country.

But what I know is that people still think Malaysians are living in a jungle and they can’t seem to even point out where Malaysia is on the map. What you see and what you think might not be necessarily true… rather than looking at videos on YouTube I rather challenge you to come live in Malaysia and tell me what you think?

At least I am one happy Chinese Malaysian. Malaysia Boleh!

BS – Just can’t stand people branding Malaysians as barbarians – You don’t even live in this country!

Disclaimer: During the publication of this article, I am not in favor of any political parties in Malaysia nor to cause distress to anyone. There are no racist agenda - just to point out how I feel being a Malaysian.

Watch what happened on Saturday:

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written by shy guy, November 14, 2007
Great you are such a good guy.. I don't know why outsiders provoke us to fight..
It is really scared for me..
I hope we will live happily among races .. Malaysia boleh..

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