TechCrunch Speculates ETrade Bankruptcy and Paid Posting Networks Stop Using Mass Payment?
I got a shock of my life when I read one of TechCrunch’s post written by Duncan Riley speculating that E*Trade might head to the deadpool. Nevertheless, I used E*Trade’s system to check out on their stocks and their share prices dipped to an all time low of $3.50 per share. This is the first time in 5 years that their shares dipped this low. I shot to the nearest ATM to withdraw my cash just in case the speculation was right. Take a look at the screenshot below on their share prices:

Etrade Shares

Today, I checked on their stocks again and luckily it was back up to $5 a share – a HUGE relief for me. I have been using E*Trade for quite sometime now and so far it’s an A++ service.

You can follow up the latest news on E*Trade by Google news search or read Duncan Riley's post on Techcrunch here.  

On the other hand, I noticed PayPal has been deducting service fees from my incoming transactions for the past 2 days. It seems that according to the author of, some of these paid blogging programs such as PayPerPost, Blogsvertise, etc have stop using mass payment – resulting a small percentage of the payment being deducted as a service fees. You can read MyOrganicIncome’s post here - there’s a guideline on how to downgrade your account from Premier to Personal Account.

However, when I check my PayPal today and none of my incoming payments were deducted anymore. Take a look at the screenshot below:

PayPal PayPerPost Payment
Click to enlarge

Latest Update:::

PayPerPost PayPal Payment Glitch

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Glitch in Paypal
written by Samm, November 14, 2007
Thanks for the mention, Michael. But you may want to read this.
written by keeyit, November 15, 2007
Yeah I also notice.. how ? smilies/angry.gif

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