How to Make Lots of Cash in Affiliate Marketing: Sell Using the Evil Way
Money TreeI’m currently trying to diversify my online income – Google’s stance to slap blogs has caused me to loose 30-50% of my paid blogging income. Paid blogging is lucrative and you can earn ‘easy and fast money’ because it just takes 10 minutes to write 100 words in your post and publish it on your blog. If you get paid $10 for the blog post, every word that you type earns you 10 cents!

Based on my blog’s performance:

1. I don’t have high traffic

2. 99.9% of the people who visits my blog don’t want to buy anything

3. The other 0.01% are new to blogging and would only purchase 1 or 2 months of web hosting services using my affiliate link

Sounds hopeless doesn’t it? Here are my plans:

1. I’m trying to create an affiliate center whereby I can publish my affiliate links on the site. I’ll be buying a new domain for this affiliate center.

2. Use Adsense to target keywords so that the web hits would be referred directly to the article

3. Pay minimal for hits using Adsense

4. Use free classified ads to promote the page

5. Social media sites are your best friend!

Based on my previous CJ sales, 5 out of 2,000 web hits generated some form of sales on that single article. I paid RM43++ for the 2,000 web hits on Adsense but I got an accumulated sales of more than $100 or RM333++.

The plan will commence next month.

On How to Make Money the Evil Way in Affiliate Marketing: Email me using this Contact Me form and I will provide you with a simple guide FOC.

Disclaimer: If you get caught doing this and your account gets suspended and you loose all your money – it’s not my fault :)

On my previous post on Adwords and BlogCatalog:

keeyit thinks it darn expensive! While Edward recommends social networking sites.

xBrain has free hits to offer while Nik has a great idea on online advertising.

Do you think my plan will work? What are your thoughts?
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written by xBrain, November 22, 2007
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