Looking for Contractors in Malaysia: Remodeling A Half A Million Dollar House
Past few days, I have been busy planning how to remodel my new home that me and my brother bought for a whopping RM525,000 ($158,000USD). I think we bought the house at a bargained price as normally a 4,400 square feet home around KL would cost more than half a million – in the region of 600k-800k ish. A bungalow lot on the other hand reaches millions.

I used to play The Sims many years back and I believe it is a good software/game to give you a rough idea on how you should remodel your home. I came up with this design –

Sim House Design

Sim City Design

What I like the most in this design is the front entrance – there would be two solid doors with oval glass in the middle while another two 7-8 feet glass panels would be located at both sides of the door. The glass panels would have nice wrought iron with flower designs and it will look simply stunning at night! Remodeling the house would cost another $280,000 on top of the money that we have paid for the house.

If YOU are a contractor in Malaysia who wants the job – kindly contact me to quote me a price. Click here to email me ASAP.

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written by susan, April 25, 2008
wow.. congratulation! mind you share which area does your new house located because I'm looking for new house too..

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