How to Start Your Own Business: Facebook for Small Business?
Business StartupSeriously, who could have known that cloth hangers could make you a cool $30 million dollars or quitting your day job would help you fuel your passion and turn it into a $60 million dollars business?

Majority of millionaires out there enjoy what they are doing and most of their business ideas are based on their passion. For example,

1. Donald Trump loves real estate and he’s one of the best real estate developers in the world

2. Larry Page and Sergey Brin started Google in their garage as a research project: Google is now worth billions of dollars

3. Gordon Ramsay the utterly foul mouthed chef from Hell’s Kitchen is worth approximately £60million

The key point here is that if you want to start your own business: Make sure that you are passionate about it! On the other hand, you’ll definitely need to equip yourself with knowledge before you start venturing into the unknown. For example, you need to write your business plan, plan how to raise capital to fund your business, acquire legal advice and if you are venturing into an online business, it’s crucial to know how to optimize your site.

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written by dee, June 23, 2008
You are absolutely right - Passion is key. Thanks for a great post!!

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