Pandora Battery
Pandora BatteryA friend of mine approached me the other day saying that he’s selling Pandora Batteries on eBay for a neat profit. My first question to him was: What the heck is a Pandora Battery and what is it for?!

He explained: It’s a battery for PlayStation Portable: the one you use to unbrick a bricked PSP.

Then I asked: WTF is unbricking a bricked PSP? (Sorry, but I swear a lot when I talk to him lol)

As you can see, when you upgrade or downgrade or even modding your PSP, you have a chance of rendering the PSP useless – meaning that you can’t even turn it on which also practically means that you can use it as a brick and throw it on angry stray dogs.

By using the Pandora Battery and PSP Magic Memory Stick you can restore your PSP and make it work again.

Here’s a video on how to unbrick your PSP:
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written by Peter, July 14, 2008
I'd ask him the same questions HAHA lol
written by Sudo Aptitude, July 23, 2008
Ahh,good old Homebrew!

you can downgrade PSP's to exploitable versions and the update them to custom versions and run tons of homebrew(homemade) programs!

Depending on your PSP version you might need a pandora battery, And if you mess it up you definately will need one!

nice blog BTW.
written by Gloria, August 12, 2008
Good information. Before I never herd about it. Thanks for your beautiful blog.

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