How to Attract Money? Basic Law of Attraction
I’m sure you have heard from someone, somewhere at some point in your life:

The rich gets richer while the poor gets poorer.

Seriously, if you have watched the movie called ‘The Secret’, that I have embedded in my About Me section, you’d understand what I am talking about now.

The SecretThere isn’t any rule in the universe stating that you would be poor your entire life or you can only be born rich. With enough determination, dedication and also the right mindset – I’m sure that you can achieve anything in your life.

I remember having a conversation with a friend of mine: He just broke up with his girlfriend and was looking for new love. Of course, being a ‘kepoh’ me, I told him, ‘Since you have watched the entire ‘The Secret’ movie, why don’t you try to use the basic law of attraction and attract the woman of your dreams?’

He shrugs off my idea by saying, ‘If the law of attraction really works, why aren’t you attracting the million dollars goal that you have set for yourself?’ (He’s referring to me by the way).

Of course, I didn’t want to add anything more into the conversation as we have a long history of heated arguments: I know that it wouldn’t contribute anything.

But seriously, I did set my life goal of achieving RM1,000,000 before I reach the age of 30. So how far have I achieved my goals?

I’m not telling you how much money I have in my bank, but just a couple of weeks ago, a famous chicken rice seller offered to buy my house at a whopping RM970,000!!! – Just because my house has a good location – quick and easy access to the banks, market, etc… Probably good Feng Shui as well – I can just feel the positive energy pulsating in the house.

So did achieve my goal? Yes and No – I believe it’s a pretty debatable topic, yet I could have sold my house and made myself a millionaire…

Here’s a cheesy ‘Money Song’ by Monty Python:

My thoughts:

Even the Sky Isn’t a Limit: Your Thoughts would Definitely Materializes into Things (If you want it bad enough)
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