Why RSS Feed Count is a Huge Scam?
Some of you might notice sites with ‘gi-normous’ amount of RSS subscribers – some are real, while most of these counters are a scam.

Feed MeSo you might wonder, how to crunch up the numbers for your counter. I’ve thought of a few plausible ways where you can do just that:

1. You can easily fake the numbers for your counter by photo-shopping it – by adding your own numbers to the counter. The little button would still link to your FeedBurner feed page.

An example of a sample code,

<a href="http://feeds.feedburner.com/michaelwoo"><img src="http://www.michaelwoo.net/images/rigged-feedcounter.jpg" width="xx" height="xx" /></a>

Nobody would know the 'actual number' because

a. They can’t log into your account to see the actual numbers,

b. Even though if they could, who would be ‘stupid enough’ to take the time to check whether your feed count is authentic?

2. You can manually add email feed readers to your Feedburner. Just enable the Feedburner email subscriber option and paste the email subscriber HTML code into your page. Add unique email into the text-box and confirm your subscription in the ‘fake email’.

3. Download a JavaScript code which would automatically increase its feed count value every day – or you could specify yourself the amount of ‘fake subscribers’ you have to your site.

So do you ‘fake your RSS Subscribers?’
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written by lady, January 26, 2009
I agree with you..RSS Count can be faked.. i don't trust those numbers I see anymore.. i've seen one popular blog go from 14 subscribers today, then went up to 2k subscribers the next day.. weird and fake for sure..

nice site.. smilies/smiley.gif

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