Quick SEO Tips
vdeHere are a few pointers to help you out for those who want to optimize their site for search engine purposes. Although I might not be ultimate expert, but sometimes sticking to the basics would go a long way for you.

Here are the tips:

1. Title – It’s important to have appropriate title for your site and sub-pages or articles as well.

2. Meta-tags – Both the meta-tags for keywords and description should focus on the keywords that you are targeting

3. Links – Always build links using the keywords which you are targeting. There is a certain ‘validity period’ which Google take into consideration – so it’s wise to continuously build links

4. Keywords – Try using the keywords that you are targeting as many times as possible in your article or generally on your blog as Google would allocate another point for your search engine ranking on this as well

5. Valid HTML – Make sure that your site contains as little error as possible, so that Google spiders/bots could easily scan through your site without incurring HTML error

6. H1, H2 tags – If possible, try highlighting your title or keywords which you are targeting with H1 or H2 tags

It doesn’t require a rocket scientist to understand basic SEO concepts. Try out these simple methods on your site.
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written by Andrea, November 10, 2008
lol that google image is hawt... but don't get me wrong i'm straight... oh and that was a very straightforward post...
great list
written by Norhafidz, December 07, 2008
comprehensive and compact seo guide, thanks for sharing Michael, and I have to agree with others, that Google image is hot smilies/grin.gif

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