How to Dominate Search Engine Ranking, Factors that Influences Your Site Rank
I want you to understand how powerful hyperlinks are, and I'll even show you how Google perceives links, linking to your website. sends out a set of questionnaires to search engine experts around the world, and the data are collated into an in depth report. In fact, the link-factors that will influence your website’s ranking are:

• 24% Trust/Authority of the host domain
• 22% Link Popularity of the Specific Page
• 20% Anchor Text of External Links
• 15% On-Page Keyword Usage
• 7% Traffic and Click-Through Data
• 6% Social Graph Metrics
• 5% Registration and Hosting Data

As you may see, link popularity and link anchor text account for 42% of the entire factor that Google uses to determine your site’s ranking. On the other hand, I’m sure that you must have seen how countless of so-called SEO experts got into heated arguments in various forums, stating that on-page keyword usage is the king, and that this particular method will help boost your overall site’s ranking in major search engines – I find such claims to be somewhat baseless, or perhaps these SEO experts just wanted to ‘win’ the argument, without making any sense in reality.

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Generally, focusing on building links from good sites, as well as placing specific anchor text on your links would definitely boost your site’s ranking considerably. Couple this with links from Trusted, Authority sites, would definitely let you dominate the search engine ranking – that’s 66% effectiveness we’re talking about!
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