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Hi, welcome to my site and I would love to thank you for visiting! Nevertheless, I believe that you would definitely want to know a little about me – you clicked on the link right? :)

Qualification wise, I have a Degree in Computing and I also hold a Master in Business Administration specializing in Information Technology. I started my career working for a huge Multinational Company dealing in the oil and gas sector. However, like any typical organization, I felt my daily work was like living inside a pressure cooker.

My previous work experience thought me valuable lessons – no matter how hard I work, every single drop of effort that I put into my work was not properly compensated. Imagine this:

You worked your ass off and spent a minimum of 10 to 12 working hours per day and sometimes you even work on Saturdays and your entire effort is justified by a single yearly performance review which gives you 5% to 10% pay increment.
I don't think this justifies anything!

I went for a course called AsiaWorks (MB103) and that pretty much helped me sort things out. Later I found a powerful movie called ‘The Secret’ which totally changed my life. While I was watching the movie, I got a calling saying that I should venture online and I did.

The initial startup of my online venture was tough, but I persisted! The first month I made $150 bucks online or rather RM500. 6 months later I tripled what I was earning previously. And as of today, I have over 20 domains up and running.

Nevertheless, I want to share with you a short video clip of ‘The Secret’ which I managed to locate on YouTube.

Do you have 20 minutes to spare that will change your life forever? If you do, click PLAY!

The Secret’s secret:

1. Ask
2. Answer
3. Receive

You can reach me using this simple 'Contact Me' form – I would definitely answer any of your questions. Cheers and have a great day ahead of you!

PS – I got interviewed by New Straits Times Malaysia ('Find the right niche, learn the ropes'):


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