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Want to know how to get a link from Facebook? If in case you have read enough forums on the internet, you may be under the impression that you simply cannot get a hyperlink from Facebook, one of the most powerful, authoritative domains on the internet.

How to Get A Powerful Link From Facebook

That’s about to change as I'm about to let you know that you could get an anchor text and hyperlink from Facebook!


Well, there are several strategies, but I will reveal one very effective method here, and it can guarantee that you’ll get your link from the domain.

The URL that you want to visit is:

As you can see, it's a subdomain of the main Facebook domain. Do not let that fool you though, it's PageRank for the main URL above is NINE. Although I don't pay to a lot attention to PR, nevertheless, nobody can deny that any website that reaches PR9 (the Google homepage is a PR9) it has to be a fairly powerful website.

It is a basic example of what you can find in the event when you dig around the internet for such information!

Simply signup for an account, wait a week, then drop your link quietly in the profile area. In Pun BB the website URL field is linked to a website name field. Completing each these will give you an anchor text, followed by a backlink to your site from one of the most powerful websites on the planet. Don't forget to submit the profile URL to these bookmarklets!