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Domain AliasI received several emails from readers asking me how can they start a blog and actually make money online. Part of the answer lies within my
i. Free Make Money Online Guide &
ii. Free Sex Monetization Guide

– and other part depends on what kind of money do you want to make online.

I received this email from Samuel:

hello sir i would love to learn how to make or write blogs to be able to earn money online.pls i would be glad if you can give some hints to put me thru.i will appreciate your kind response

Trend changes pretty quickly and you have to act fast whenever there is a lucrative opportunity waiting for you to exploit. Past 2 years, paid blogging has been lucrative enough that I have seen people making five figure income by just selling reviews and paid posts. With Google’s new move to penalize these sites, trend in the blogosphere has totally changed. Any blog which participates in link sales or writing paid posts would have their PR stripped off their blog.

Nevertheless, there are several ways to make money online and this can be categorized into make money online with or without a blog (Yes you can make money online even though you don’t have a blog)

But I would like to focus your attention into making money online by creating a successful blog or website which would eventually turn into a cash cow and generate a stable online income even when you don’t frequently update it anymore.

Here are several steps which will provide you with a brief guideline to help you start building a blog:

Tips Number 1: Get a domain name – This is very important as it projects your personality to your readers. If you are serious in making money online, don’t ever use free domain names from Blogspot, WordPress or any other free blogging services. Not only you get lower offers from advertisers, your domain name is harder to remember and it doesn’t have a resale value – or at least a low resale value.

Two things that you should seriously consider when getting your domain name:

i.Get a domain name which is your name – I noticed a domain name which is your name generally attracts more buzz. An excellent example is – he created a brand out of his own name and if you check Alexa, his site has tremendous traffic! It is easy to remember and it projects your personality to your readers. Generally, your blog attracts people who are like-minded and they will most definitely remember your name.

Disadvantage: No resale value – nobody would want to purchase a domain name which is your name. John Woo wouldn’t want a domain name which spells right?

ii. Get a domain name which is not your name – By all means pick either a two word or at most a three word domain name. Avoid using ‘The’ or ‘My’ in front of your domain name. Also, pick one which ends with either .com or .net for search engine optimization purposes. Your domain name does influence search results from search engines. For example, imagine having a site which has a domain name such as below:

Domain name:, Title: Make Money Online

Domain name:, Title: Online Stopwatch

Domain name:, Title: Google Adsense Secrets

If you develop these sites carefully, high chances you can capture high amount of search engine traffic from Google. was sold for a record $10 million dollars and comes with a hefty price tag of $500,000 dollars.

Disadvantage: It’s pretty rare to get one, two or three word domains as majority of these domains are registered.

Established Domain Auction

You can register your domain names at a year basis. Here are several recommended web hosting sites to purchase your domain names:

(Click on the links to view the Web Hosting Sites)

1. GoDaddy – $9.99, $1.99 if you purchase a web hosting package

2. 1and1 – $6.99, FREE 
if you purchase a web hosting package

3. BlueHost – $10
FREE if you subscribe to one year web hosting 

4. Dot5 hosting – $7.95, 
FREE if you subscribe to one year web hosting

5. iPower – $6.50
FREE if you subscribe to one year web hosting

6. LunarPages
FREE FOR LIFE if you subscribe to their web hosting

(Click on the links to view the Web Hosting Sites)

I would definitely recommend you to purchase your domain names at GoDaddy because they have great services such as

1. You get a free web hosting account

2. You can point your domain name to Blogspot by using the DNS services

3. You can sell your domain name easily by using Domain Aftermarket services

4. If you purchase in bulk – you get bulk purchase prices

5. If you decide to get your own web hosting services, GoDaddy has discounts if you pay 1 year in advance (get up to 30% discount for 2 years of web hosting services)

On the other hand, you can also purchase registered domain names using

1. GoDaddy’s Aftermarket services at

2. Site Point Marketplace at

3. Digital Point Forum at

I will talk about Tools to Help You Choose the Right Keywords for Your Domain Name in the next article.

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