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I felt it wasn’t right by not mentioning this – Picking the right keywords for your domain name is crucial! – Especially when you want to target your blog in certain category and also to capture the right traffic from Google.

Alexa Web TrafficKeywords play a huge role whenever someone performs a search on Google. For example, Google will rank your site based on a few basic criteria:

1. Your domain name
2. Title of your site/articles
3. Your site’s description/content
4. Anchor text used by other sites linking back to you
5. Your Page Rank and Page Rank of sites linking back to you
6. Meta tags and description
7. Title sizes – H1, H2, H3

8. etc…

Choosing the right domain name to target search engine traffic is really important. A good example is Just Make Money Online, linking to – It wasn’t by chance that Google list that site to appear as number 1 in the search result.

Try these keywords:

1. Wealthy Affiliate –
2. Affiliate Guide –
3. Affiliate Programs –
4. Social Media –,
5. Car Buying Tips –

If you are having difficulty in selecting the right keyword for your domain name, try using these services which can provide you info on search trends and traffic associated with specific keywords:

1. WordZe
2. Keyword Discovery
3. SEO Digger
4. Overture Keyword Selector
5. SEO Book Keyword Tool
6. Wordtracker
7. Digital Point Keyword Suggestion Tool
8. KeywordSpy
9. SpyFu
10. NicheBOT
11. Hitwise Search Intelligence
12. Google Suggest Scraper
13. comScore qSearch
14. AdGooRoo SEM Insight
15. Google Keyword Tool
16. iWebTool Keyword Lookup

On the other hand, use these keyword suggestion tools to help you pick the domain name that you like:

2. Yahoo Small Business Domain Name Search
3. GoDaddy Domain Name Search

4. iWebTool Domain Name Suggestion

(PS If you are thinking of registering a domain name, I would definitely appreciate it if you could refer me by using my affiliate links found here. Thanks and cheers to you!)

Now be careful using other sites to search for your domain name – I had a bad experience in the past where I wanted to register I tried several web hosting companies’ domain name search function and to my disbelief – one of the web hosts registered the domain name under their company! They practically stole my domain name!

I will focus on how to choose the right web host and blogging platform suitable for you in the next article. Stay tune!

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Make money now
written by HAIDI, December 17, 2007
nice knowledge for me as newbies, thanks for the great info smilies/grin.gif

Hi Haidi
written by Michael Woo, December 23, 2007
Great to know - hope it will serve you right.

Personally I think the iwebtool traffic search is quite useful.. especially if you are targeting traffic for your affiliate site.
written by make money online, January 10, 2008
Thanks for the info, I'll put it in good use. When I was starting out I was under the impression that domain names will effect your ranks, so I chose domains according to keywords, but I was never sure if it realy mattered. Good posts, glad to find you.
written by Kelly, January 21, 2008
For your keyword research try using KeywordSpy - a keyword research technology that will help you know what keywords your competitors are using and how it generates money for them, you can use those keywords to drive traffic to your site and give your business the exposure it needs. It offers Free trials.-
Great Info
written by Kyrie Bridgewater, April 08, 2008
Hi Michael,
Very nice article!
Excellent tips on using keywords in your domain names. I also appreciate the list of services you mentioned. Some of these I didn't know about, I'll check them out!

Kyrie Bridgewater

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