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There is the good way of doing things and there is an evil way to do the same thing – it might even yield better results. Link exchange is an excellent way to get a backlink to your site and if the blog owner places your link sitewide it yields more value.

The recent clampdown by Google worsens the situation. Not many blog owners are willing to exchange links – at least if you want a link back, he’ll put it somewhere in the subpages.

Nevertheless, exchanging links manually is time consuming! I tried once before and only 30% of the people whom I have contacted provided a link back – the rest just play dumb and STILL enjoy a link from me.

Still, there is an EVIL way to get quality backlinks to your site:

1. If you are targeting a single blog and wants quality links to your site use LivePR to check the PR of internal pages of the site.

*no screenshot due to Google PR fluctuation today*

2. Wants similar backlinks from successful sites such as Problogger, Shoemoney, Techcrunch, use iwebtool's backlink checker to check the entire backlink of the site.

Backlink Checker

3. Just go to the webpage that has a PR and drop a comment.

Now this evil way has its pros and cons and it might work or it might not. Some blogs have set their comment system to add a re=nofollow tag to the links/URL. If so, Google crawlers won’t follow the link but you might still get some traffic from the article through your comment – so it’s still a win-win situation.

According to iwebtool, I have already amass 5,554 backlinks :) I have only another 12,000 more to go to match Problogger.

PS – The tools here might not be 100% accurate, nothing is right? But it does serve its purposes, more or less.

PS2 – Don't go all excited and start spamming their comment box! Once you get banned by Akismet, you can't do this anymore!
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written by Edward, November 16, 2007
Evil yet effective! But remember don do this too much
written by Ev Nucci, November 16, 2007
Hi Michael,
Sorry I didn't respond to your comment earlier, but I've been sick and with my company I've been a tad behind. Also been busy working on a book. Hopefully you went to the website and checked out for yourself how to participate in the blogging scholarship. Best wishes. Ev
written by Ev Nucci, November 16, 2007
Sorry, I just read that comment it didn't sound very helpful. I apologize for the shortness of it. I do hope you went to the website and were successful in finding information out. Again my apologies for not following up sooner. I wish you the best of luck.
Edward, why you said that don't this too much?
written by xBrain, November 17, 2007
It's not against any rules rite !!??
It's another way by checking this:

Search for the keywords, and they result will be the blog with PR at least 3 and "do follow" on their comment..

It's worth to try !!
HOw about you Michael? Your blog do or not do??

Michael but...
written by Mani Karthik, November 19, 2007
it does not have any effect in your Google juice right? But sure is an evil way to get traffic. smilies/smiley.gif

2 Sexy Goddam it Gal !!
written by xBrain, November 19, 2007

WTF - what are the 2 sexy bi*ch doing in the liewcf site !! smilies/cheesy.gif

By the way, Michael -> do you know these 2 bi*ch?
written by Michael Woo, November 19, 2007
wa smilies/cheesy.gif drools.. they are just god damn sexy smilies/cool.gif lemme wear my sunglasses to spy on them smilies/shocked.gif

I think what edward meant was that you might get banned either by the site owner or akismet smilies/cheesy.gif so don't do it too often.. space out your time when you put a comment...

Google juice coming in when someone search sex and malaysia combi smilies/wink.gif
written by Myla, November 19, 2007
i think this is worth a try.
written by sasa, December 21, 2007
~I may have a try for my site smilies/wink.gif

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