IZEA RealRank Rolls Out Today: Would RealRank Be the Future Page Rank Standards?
In response to Google’s clampdown on sites selling links such as PayPerPost and Text Link Ads, IZEA has launched their own website ranking system called RealRank. According to IZEA, RealRank uses a different metric system which more or less gives advertisers more accurate info regarding your website’s performance. See a screenshot of PayPerPost’s RealRank in action:

PayPerPost Real Rank

However, I personally think that RealRank is not a strong selling point for IZEA or rather PayPerPost. Google still hold the upper hand when it comes to search engine traffic. Sites which were penalized earlier by Google have started surrendering to Google – most of them took some time to clear paid posts off their site while the rest have stopped using Text Link Ads.

Even with RealRank in place, I doubt that it would have any ‘real’ effect in their market place. For example, I noticed that there are still hundreds of paid opportunities in PayPerPost with no taker. People are simply scared to be penalized by Google while advertisers are demanding for quality links from publishers– PR5 and above.

My 2 Cents:

Publishers are the ones who suffer the most. As publishers, we just want a method to effectively monetize our sites – so that we can pay our bills or to create a career out of blogging. With Google’s stance in penalizing sites, we lost a huge percentage of our paid blogging income. I myself lost more than 50% of what I usually earn from my paid blogging activities. What makes things worst is there aren’t many paid opportunities out there which is as lucrative as paid blogging.

Anti GoogleI find Google guilty of monopolizing the online advertising arena. There is nothing wrong monetizing one’s site – there is no law or rather ‘bill’ in the US parliament stating that blogs can’t sell links. Sure it does affect the search engine ranking of one’s site but I think that it’s plain crude to punish blogs by severely reducing the PR.

Sure enough, rather than ‘manually determining sites which sell links and penalizing their PR’, I believe that Google has the capability of creating a better and more accurate algorithm to rank sites on their search engine.

I find Google guilty as charged.
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written by xBrain, November 21, 2007
My blog is down smilies/sad.gif
due to the hoster accidentally deleted my acc..
by the way, thanx for sharing..my blog realrank is 341 - what is that mean?

greater number better or lowest number better?
written by Michael Woo, November 22, 2007
I tried accessing your site yesterday and today can't also, i was thinking wat happened.. i wanted to view your 'videos' smilies/wink.gif

I checked on lilian's blog she said aim for a lower number.. i think your 300 rank rocks loh smilies/cheesy.gif unlike mine is like 2000
Where r u?
written by xBrain, November 22, 2007
Michael, where are you from? Wonder chat everyday but doesn't know where you are from?
written by Michael Woo, November 22, 2007
I am from Malaysia smilies/cheesy.gif How bout u?

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