House Renovation in Selangor, Malaysia: Renovating and Remodeling My Home
It’s been quite a while since I’ve blog on my personal blog. Seriously, it’s pretty tough to juggle so many things at once especially when you need to sub-supervise the entire house renovation: I make the calls and you do the shots, you get what I mean?

I need to look into every minute (tiny) details during the house renovation and this includes

1. The entire house design,

2. The paint color and designs,

3. Even up to the position of the toilet seats, wash basin
, etc…

And not to mention, the house renovation costs have gone up considerably,

1. Cement – Previous:RM10/bag, Present:RM16/bag

2. Wood – 10% increment

3. Copper – App 25% increment

Wanna see what I did to my house? The house renovation is only 60% completed and looks kinda plain now:

Selangor Renovation

Subang Jaya House

House Renovation

Malaysia Interior Decoration

For those who are interested in cost price house renovation, you can get in touch with my contractor:

Ah Lian: 017-349 1969

(You need to tell him that Michael Woo recommended you if you want a cheaper price: This way, you can squeeze him more :-): Tips: Keep telling him that Michael say can be cheaper).
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home renovation
written by johnny ong, February 18, 2009
michael, do u still have the detailed costs for yr home renovation. just need to compare the pricing so that i cld negotiate with my contractors

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