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Latest and most up-to-date list of promo/coupon codes for GoDaddy. I personally check the list on a daily basis to make sure that it's 100% working.

godaddy sexy girlsI am one of GoDaddy's regular customer as I register anything from 1 to up to 20 domain names per month for my web business. I do have friends and clients who regularly ask me to setup a simple blog and web portals for them.

So far, GoDaddy is one of my personal favorite domain name registrar and web host.

Since I regularly check for the latest GoDaddy promo code: I'd like to share it here as well.

cjc695b2 $6.95 .Com (New Registeration,Renewal or Transfer)

gdp0627 30% off .Com .Net .Org .Biz .Us .Name New Registeration, Renewal or Transfer

gdp0518a Get a NEW .INFO, .NET and .ORG for $15.00/=

gdp0616a Save 15% off on all web hosting plans

cjccabone / cjcheaone Save 1$ on your order amount

cjccab10 Save 10% on your order amount

cjccab30 / cjchea30 Save 5$ off your order amount 30$ or more

cjccab50 / cjchea50 Save 10$ off your order amount 50$ or more

gdp0615a Save 15% off 50$ or more.

cjcdeal Save 15% off your order amount 75$ or more

gdp0629b Save 20% 50$ or more

cjc20off75 Save 20$ off your order amount 75$ or more

gdp0609a Save 20% on your order amount 75$ or more

gds0124a Save 25% on your order amount 75$ or more

gdp0616p Save an extra 15% on WebSite Tonight 12/24/36 Month plans!

gdp0601b .Asia 17.99$ per year.

gdp0611w 30% off .Co.Uk Domains

gdp0608c .mobi Renewal 12.99$

gdp0607c Renew .INFO for 6.99$ first year and 8.99$ other years

gdp0537m / gdp0616m 20$ off Basic super or pro reseller plans

cjchstsale Save 20% off Shared Hosting Plans

gdp0537c / gdp0616k 15% off Dedicated Hosting purchase
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